Masten Premium 7" HD Mobile GPS Navigator with Android 6 and Cortex Quad Core A7 1.3GHz Processor

Important. Oziexplorer Off Road require the License of the Program to be in the purchasers name. Therefore you will be required to purchase a license direct from OziExplorer to activate the non-demo app. To purchase a license please go to the following link with your Device ID. 

Scroll down to ‘Purchase OziExplorer for Android. Enter your Device ID (capitals if required). For example AS1284D89. Click on Add to Cart and pay through paypal. 



Key Features

  • Maximum SD Card Size: 64GB TF Micro
  • Pre-Loaded with Masten Patented Switch Screen linking to pre-Installed Utility Apps
  • Android 6 Operating System with Access to Thousands of Apps through the Google Play Market Place
  • Powerful DDR3 1GB Memory and 8GB Solid State HDD
  • Bundled with the following Applications:
    • Easy to use Street Maps - update to preferred app through the Google Play Market Place
    • OziExplorer with Pre-Loaded Australia-wide Maps
    • WIFI Camera App - requires optional Masten RC-12 / RC-13 WIFI Camera for On-Screen Camera Display
    • OBD2 Efficiency App - requires optional Masten OBD-02 OBD2 Vehicle Diagnostics Bluetooth Sender
    • DashCommand OBD2 - requires optional Masten OBD-02 OBD2 Vehicle Diagnostics Bluetooth Sender and Upgrade to DashCommand full version through the Masten Android Navigator
    • iTPMS TPMS App - requires optional Masten TP-11 / TP-12 Bluetooth TPMS Kit
  • HD Capacitive 800 x 480 Pixel Touch Screen (16:9)
  • ReEngineered by Masten Cortex Quad Core A7 1.3GHz Processor
  • Built-In Bluetooth for Information Transfer
  • Heavy Duty Sunshade for Maximum Clarity all day
  • FM Transmitter allows you to transmit sounds to your vehicles speakers through a radio frequency
  • AV-Input allows you to add in a rear view parking camera as well as external DVD player and so on
  • Supports Super High 2160P Video Resolution 
  • Supports Audio Files WMA, MP3,OGG,APE,FLAC,AAC,WAV
  • USB2.0 Input
  • Built-In Speaker

What's Included

  1. Masten PG-AN2 Android Navigator
  2. Window Suction Mount
  3. User Manual
  4. Australia-wide Offroad Map Data
  5. NOT INCLUDED - Oziexplorer License is not included 

Important. If you find your battery is going flat fast please try this. 

Update the "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep" setting in "Advanced Wi-Fi" settings to "only when plugged in" instead of "Always". 

Video Demo


Video Tutorial

Application details

Street Navigation App:

You can enjoy unlimited navigation features with no hidden costs.

offline gps navigation
offline maps
free map updates
multi-language voice navigation (33 languages supported)
GPS / Glonass ready
speed limit warnings
fixed speed camera warnings (available in selected countries only)
3D buildings 
lane guidance
large POI database
pedestrian, car, or even bee-line navigation 
night mode based on local sunset time
track recording

Off Road Navigation App:

OziExplorer for Android is moving map software for devices running the ANDROID O/S. It uses raster map images which are either scanned or purchased in digital format. It allows you to track your position received from the GPS on a map (moving map).

Moving map navigation using the internal GPS.
Course Up Mode.
3D Perspective View Mode.
Support for Internal GPS and external Bluetooth GPS receivers.
Uses almost any map which can be created by the PC version of OziExplorer.
Use our Img2ozf utility to convert maps to OZF4 format.
OZF2, OZFX3, OZF4, ECW, JP2 (jpeg 2000) directly supported.
PNG, JPG directly supported (small maps less than 20MBytes uncompressed).
Automatic loading of the next map.
Check for more detailed map at a set interval.
User tracks can be loaded
Logging of Track points to file.
Create Waypoints at current position by pressing the Create Wp screen button.
Navigation to a waypoint or along a route.
Using the Route Create option, routes can be created on the device.
Many Map Zoom levels.
Various Position display formats.
On screen display of Speed, Bearing and Altitude.
Display Waypoints on the map.
Name Search
Satellite View showing SNR, number of Sats and HDOP.
Design your own skins (screens) on your PC using the free Screen Designer (download below).
+ many more features to be added in future versions.
WIFI Reverse Camera App

The most simple app to make the Masten PG-AN2 work with a wifi based camera.
No setup, plug and play.

Head up Display (HUD) App

DigiHUD Speedometer is a free, and ad-free, GPS based digital head up display (HUD) for Android that shows useful speed and distance information for your journey. Ideal if your vehicle speedo has died, you want to verify your vehicle speed or you just want to know your speed when cycling, running, flying, sailing etc.!
The display can be switched between normal viewing and HUD mode which mirrors the display for viewing as a reflection in a vehicle windshield (most useful at night, depending on the device's brightness). 
DigiHUD can open as a floating window on top of other apps or your homescreens. Works with external GPS receivers (tested at 10Hz).

Although we strive to make all readings as accurate as possible they are only as accurate as your device's GPS sensor and should only be regarded as approximations.

Information displayed
Current speed (choose MPH, KMH or KTS)
Average speed, since reset
Maximum speed, since reset
Three Trip distance counters
Odometer (found under Statistics)
Current time
Digit color changes to red when above your set warning speed
Battery level indicator
Satellite lock status icon
Thumb up/thumb down icon to rate DigiHUD

For more than a dozen extra features, with many more planned, try DigiHUD Pro (link at the bottom of this description).

Using DigiHUD
Swipe left or right to switch between Full and Lite views
Swipe up or down to switch between HUD (mirrored) and normal displays
Touch the trip counter to cycle through the three counters
Long-pressing on a speed or trip value will reset it
Long-press the speed unit to choose between MPH, KMH and KTS from the popup menu (also in the Main Menu)

When in window mode touch the DigiHUD icon for a menu to switch to the fullscreen app or exit. The window can be re-sized using the corner drag handle.

All values can be reset by long-pressing "PAUSE RESET" (the Odometer reading in the Statistics popup won't reset and counts the total distance since the application was installed or it's data was cleared).

Want to give feedback? Hold the thumb up/thumb down icon to open Google Play (icon appears after 3 days installed).

Main Menu
Opened by touching the speed displayed in the center of the screen, the menu allows you to:
Exit DigiHUD
Window/Background Mode: Close and open as a re-sizable floating window
HUD view / Normal view: Switch between HUD (mirrored) and normal displays
Speed Unit: Change between MPH, KMH or KTS
Set Warning Speed/Sound: The speed at which the digit color will change to red. An audible alert can also be enabled here
Brightness: Adjust the screen brightness
Display Color: Choose from 10 customizable colors. Almost every color is available except black
Lock screen rotation: keep the screen in its current rotation even if the device is rotated 
Display Preferences: enable/disable screen elements
Statistics: odometer, trip distance, top speed and average speed and version number
Help: show help and other information

*This application requires the use of the GPS receiver, which may increase battery usage.*

The screen will not turn off during long journeys and works in landscape or portrait mode.

iTPMS Tyre Pressure Monitor System App:

This Tire Pressure Monitoring System (iTPMSystem) was designed for increasing security, reliability, and understanding on tire conditions of your car. Once you properly install the iTPMS, it will automatically monitor pressures and temperatures of tires in real time, the data will be sent to smart phone (android/iPod/iPhone/iPad) through Bluetooth communications. When there is any abnormal pressure (under or over inflated) and/or temperature of tire detected, iPhone, iPod, and iPad will alert driver immediately. This system could ensure you are driving in safety. 
Internal type (M30) or external type (AT6x) sensors are available to iTPMSystem.


DashCommand OBD2 App:

DashCommand is an app for your car. It turns your Android phone or tablet into an advanced display for your engine data.

Want to know why the check engine light keeps going on? Check it with DashCommand.

Want to know what your horsepower, torque, or acceleration is, in real time? Display it with DashCommand.

Want to monitor and improve your gas mileage or fuel consumption as you drive? Do it with DashCommand.

Ever wished you had your own customizable gauges, showing only the data you were interested in? DashCommand can help.

NOTE: The free version of DashCommand is evaluation mode only. Full functionality requires an in-app purchase through Google Play.

--- SEMA Show 1st runner-up for best mobile electronics product.
--- Four time SEMA Global Media Award winner!

DISCLAIMER: DashCommand requires a compatible third party hardware interface, purchased separately, to communicate with the vehicle.

DashCommand supports all OBD-II and EOBD compliant vehicles sold worldwide. Please verify that your vehicle is OBD-II/EOBD compliant before purchasing!

Compatible with Bluetooth ELM327 OBD-II hardware. For suggested hardware see :


Get the benefit of multiple gauges without the overwhelming clutter and the expense!

(Note: Not all OBD-II compliant vehicles will have support for all of these parameters)

Performance gauges:
- engine speed
- corrected vehicle speed
- open/closed loop
- boost/vacuum combo gauge
- acceleration (and braking)
- torque

Fuel economy gauges:
- inst. fuel economy
- avg fuel economy
- avg fuel economy over 3 time periods
- distance to empty
- time to empty
- fuel level %
- fuel remaining in tank
- fuel flow rate gauge

Engine gauges:
- timing (spark advance)
- engine coolant temp.
- intake air temp.
- ambient air temp.
- manifold absolute pressure
- mass air flow
- fuel trims, short and long term
- percent engine load
- catalyst temp.
- fuel pressure
- lambda gauge
- air/fuel ratio

DashCommand also contains a sophisticated trip computer that maintains stats for up to 5 trips.
- distance travelled
- fuel consumed
- avg fuel economy
- fuel cost
- elapsed time
- drive time
- average carbon dioxide emission rate
- total carbon dioxide emission
- start date & time
- number of fillups
- avg fuel flow rate
- avg driving speed
- avg trip speed
- avg boost/vacuum
- avg engine speed
- max acceleration
- max engine power and torque at wheels
- number of stops
- max fuel flow rate
- max speed
- idle time
- max boost/vacuum
- max engine speed
- max braking acceleration
- max engine torque
- % distance travelled while not in gear
- % distance travelled in each gear
- % distance travelled in non-optimal gear
- % time spent while not in gear
- % time spent in each gear
- % time spent while in a non-optimal gear

Emissions Testing:
- Read and clear diagnostic trouble codes
- IM Readiness status

Additional Features:

- Professional skidpad showing lateral and accel/braking Gs with min/max indicators
- Race track visually maps out your location, acceleration and braking as you drive laps around the track allows you to visually analyze different race track laps to see how acceleration and braking changed from lap to lap thus helping you to improve your lap times on your next outing.
- Inclinometer shows rolling angle and vehicle pitch for off-roading.
- Full support for OBD-II diagnostics, find out why your check-engine light is on and clear diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs)
- Data logging, record and playback log files showing OBD-II and acceleration data.


Customer Feedback:  Really impressed this unit allowed me to run Street Navigation software with Voice Guidance in the background seamlessly while OziExplorer was showing me my local maps at the same time on the screen.

 Masten PG-AN2 Navigator Specifications 
OS Android™ 6  
CPU ARM Masten Cortex Quad Core A7 1.3GHz  
GPU 2D/3D Open GL ES 2.0
 Video encoding and decoding 
Decoding 4x HD format: MPEG1/2/4, H.264, H.263, VC-1, AVS, VP8 to, decoding 1080P HDdecoding to support the whole format. Encoding support 1080P encoding of the H.264 format
Size   7 inches 
Resolution  800*480 pixels
Color  262114  (262114-color)
 Backlight  LED
 Memory & Flash  Memory  DDR3 1GB 
 Solid-state disk  Nand Flash 8GB
   Car Charger  DC +12V,DC +5V, 2A, 2.5DC socket
 Battery Type   Lithium Battery (Rechargeable)
 Working current 
580-620mA/3.7V Backlight Brightest 
330-370mA/3.7V Backlight Darkest 
550-620mA/3.7V play mp3 
                  Maximum Working current  <1.4A
 Suspendcurrent  <8mA
 Charging current  700mA
 Battery capacity  3.7V/1200mAh 
GPS                                         Built-in GPS Receiver    Ordering Information MT6627
 PositionAccuracy  Without Aid: 10 m 2D-RMS
 Velocity Accuracy Without Aid: 0.1 m/s
  Acceleration Accuracy Without Aid: 0.1 m/s2
 Timing Accuracy < 100 ns
 Sensitivity Tracking:-159 dBm  Hot Start:-159 dBm
Warm Start: -159dBm Cold Start: :-159dBm
Autonomous Acquisition: -145dBm
 TTFF (Time To First Fix) Cold Start: < 45 s (Autonomous)
Warm Start: < 35 s
Hot Start: < 2 s
 Reacquisition Time < 1 s
 Maximum Altitude 18,000 m
 Maximum Acceleration 4 G
 Maximum Velocity 515 m/s
 Network  Wi-Fi  * Operates in 2.4 GHz frequency bands,B/ G /N
* 1x1 MIMO technology improves effective throughput and range existing 802.11 b/g products
* Data rates: up to 150Mbps
* 802.11e-compatible bursting and I standards
* BPSK, QPSK, 16 QAM, 64 QAM modulation schemes
* WEP, TKIP, and AES, WPA, WPA2 hardware encryption schemes
Bluetooth YES
AV-IN Included
Multi-language Included
FM Trasmitter Yes                                                                                                       
 Speaker   1* 1W / 8Ω
Inputs AV Input Port for Reverse Camera
Micro SD card slot
3.5mm stereo phone 
 Multimedia  Video Player Supports Super high definition 2160P,Supports MKV,AVI,WMV,RMVB,TS,TP,M2TS,RM,MPEG,VOB,MOV,FLV,MP4,3GP,DAT,PMP format for video play.
Photo Viewer JPG, BMP,PNG,GIF
 Temperature  Operation: -10~60°C
Barcode # 729436060555
Brand Masten
Shipping Weight 0.7500kg
Shipping Width 0.220m
Shipping Height 0.090m
Shipping Length 0.155m
Shipping Cubic 0.003069000m3
Assembled Width 0.220m

1 Year Warranty

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