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Unlike other sellers, DIG Options physically take a product, test it, and if required to meet Australian conditions and standards, upgrade it."


roadmasterRoadmaster Special Functions


Buying from DIG Options comes complete with Local Support, Local Warranty and Aussie Engineering.

When you invest in a RoadMaster Series System from DIG Options there are more benefits than just buying from a brand established in 2008 with over 15,000 happy customers. Below are some exclusive features that DIG Options have either upgraded to, or developed in conjunction with expert engineers that others won't consider due to cost increases.

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    Upgraded LCD with Brighter Screen & 65,000 Colours

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    Premium Radio Receiver for Best Available Signal

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    Latest DSP Processor Software and Hardware

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    Advanced Premium-Grade Capacitive Touch Panel

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    Masten Premium Bluetooth® Module

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    Masten Premium CD/DVD Disc Loader Mechanism


RoadMaster Series, enhanced with Android

DIG Options bring together Masten-Engineered Sound incorporated with the very best in-car navigation and entertainment. With Premium Masten Bluetooth, Original Steering Button support, Premium Monitor Panel plus Reverse Camera input and more.

Designed by DIG Options to Fit

Our systems have been designed with your convenience in mind. The factory wire harnesses we supply promotes an easier install with the peace of mind your vehicle integrity will not be sacrificed and your car warranty/dash board remain intact. Please note, if you are purchasing a universal, non specific system a plug in harness will not be supplied.


Image for illustration purposes only.

Compatible Models

This device is suitable for the following vehicle models.

Model Series  Year Models
BMW 5 Series   2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

If you find the reverse camera is not working your installer may need to add a filter in between the camera power supply and the camera. An alternative is to use the 12V output of this stereo to power the camera. 
If your model is not featured please contact us as we will likely have a suitable solution or this information is not up to date.
Please note. If you have, and wish to maintain your Genuine Fitted Camera, Bluetooth Microphone, Console USB/AUX input/Roof Mount Monitor some rework may be required. If your vehicle does not appear please check our store or Contact us.

DIG Options RoadMaster Series
Key Features

Product Description

What's Included

  • Premium Roadmaster Series Multimedia Navigation System
  • Plug and Play Cables (CAN BUS Decoder if required)
  • Audio / Video RCA Cables
  • Pre-Loaded Street, Off Road Navigation and other important Apps
  • GPS antenna
  • Camera Input Cable
  • USB Cable (for iPod/iPhone, Thumb Drive and so on)
  • Masten Premium External Bluetooth® Microphone
  • DIG Options Quick Start Guide
  • User Manual
1 Year Australian based Warranty

PICKUP is available from Brunswick East, VIC and Dandenong South. Ask us how.


General Features

  • OEM Genuine Styling and Plug and Play Cables – Ensure you advise your vehicle at checkout!
  • Premium Quality Navigation, Bluetooth and Multimedia System
  • Super Fast 2Gb RAM Processor for quick operation of all functions
  • Octa Core Snapdragon Processor for quick route selection and re-routing
  • Upgraded Bluetooth® Phone and Music Streaming with Bluetooth Phone Book Sync Downloading and support for all Bluetooth® devices
  • On-Board Android Operating System and all the benefits that come with it including access to the world's largest App Market
  • Vehicle-Class Android Operating System means, we haven't added in the latest Android. We have added in a version that has been proven stable and re-engineered to give you the most stable Android solution on the market
  • High Resolution 1024 x 600 Pixel Upgraded Masten Display Panel
  • Miracast & Airplay WIFI Display allows you to display your SmartPhone Apps on the Roadmaster system
  • Built-in 32GB Flash Hard Drive for App, Data, Photo and Media File Storage
  • In-Built High Speed WIFI
  • Built-in Carplay
  • Internet Explorer for surfing the internet
  • Built-in Steering Wheel Button Interface allows you to use your existing buttons to control various functions of the Roadmaster Series System
  • Upgraded CD/DVD Loader with Super electronic anti-shock / vibration system (3 sec DVD, 10 seconds CD / VCD and 90 seconds MP3) – Exclusive to DIG Options
  • Upgraded Capacitive Touch Screen with Gesture Control
  • Sleep Mode – Quick Start if the car is only turned off for up to 10 minutes
  • Masten-Engineered 3D Stereophone Sound Processor

Off-Line Navigation Features

  • Free Country-wide Street Navigation Map Updates
  • Over 500 Aus-wide Topographical (Toppo Topo) Off-Road Maps (valued at $99) – via download
  • The latest Street Navigation with Voice Guidance, Speed Cameras, Points of Interest and more
  • Off Road Navigation Demo and DIG Options Proprietary Switch Screen
  • Memory Map and Hema Ready

Inputs/Output Connections

  • Steering Wheel Input
  • 4 Channel x 45W Speaker Outputs
  • 4 Amplifier Audio Pre-outs
  • Audio/Video Outputs
  • 1 AUX Audio/Video Input
  • Car Rear View Camera Video Input
  • DVR Dash Cam Driver Recorder Connection - DIG Options HD Recorder Available

Optional Premium Accessories from DIG Options

DIG Options, a trusted global seller also offers a range of other automotive accessories including headrest (head rest) monitors, inverters, led light bars and spot lights, OBD2 diagnostics, roof mount monitors, tyre (tire) pressure monitor systems (TPMS), other Sat Nav, OBD diagnostic readers and fault code reset devices, other OEM products, portable DVD player, in car entertainment, parking sensor, as well as rear view reverse camera kits for horse floats (horsefloat), truck, agriculture seeder, caravan and more. Whether you're in a truck, Prado, Triton, Challenger, Triton, Pajero, Patrol, Navara, Pathfinder, Amarok, VW or whatever, we likely have a solution for you.

Why DIG Options?

Google it! We have serviced over 15,000 customers since 2008! Please visit and search "dig options product reviews" – the results speak for themselves. Above all else, all products are supported locally.


Many integrated systems online include in-Built Digital TV Receivers, please be aware that this feature is a proven gimmick in Australia. We have tested these exact models and had limited success in receiving a decent signal. Despite this, if your preference is to have the in-built Digital TV tuner with single tuner, we can supply and ship direct from overseas for an additional AUD$40 but buyer beware, single antenna digital tuners are lucky to get just a few channels (SBS and Channel 31). DIG Options offer Premium HD Digital TV Receivers. For more information please ask us.

As the saying goes, beauty is only skin deep; unless it's a system from DIG Options.

Unlike many other importers, DIG Options spend a bit more, to put a lot more in.


Masten® Bluetooth in-Built Module

  • Pair up to 6 Bluetooth® Devices
  • Automatic Pairing when you are within range
  • Automatic audio muting when a call is executed
  • Advanced name search (abc)
  • Wirelessly listen to your favourite tunes via Bluetooth®

Upgraded Capacitive Multi-Touch Screen with Increased Accuracy

With a more accurate and sensitive capacitive touch screen compared to our competition, you'll be able to zoom in on maps and swipe through menus with greater speed and ease.


Dual Running System Support

Switch seamlessly between the Windows Operating System and Android Operating System depending on your demand.

Optional Extra - Masten DAB+ Plug-In Digital Radio Receiver

Contact us or locate the part in our storeDAB+ is the new standard in radio broadcasting. Gain access to more
Stations in clearer, high quality sound.

Optional Extra
Vehicle Diagnostic Display

Purchase the optional Masten OBD2 Bluetooth or WIFI Dongle to display on screen real-time data and trouble codes from your vehicles computer.
Important. For this function to work you need an OBD2 Compliant Vehicle.
Please Note. DashCommand Demo requires Full Feature Upgrade and Fuel Efficiency App is Full Version


Optional Extra
Premium DVB-T Digital TV Receiver With 4-Amplified Antennas

Expand your system with the best Digital TV Receiver on the Market. Enjoy Free to Air HD Programs with awesome sound. You can also receive DAB+ Digital Radio Programs. NOT INCLUDED

Note. We cannot guarantee you will receive programs while driving and performance depends on your locations signal strength.

Optional Extra Heavy Duty Second Cameras

DIG Options also sell the Masten range of Caravan, RV and Truck cameras. The range of Masten Cameras, Monitors, Cables and Accessories come with a 2-Year Replacement Warranty.


On-Screen Speedometer

Display a large visual display of your current speed and never have an excuse for speed! Customisable for KM/H and MP/H.



With Mastens more convenient SmartPhone mirroring function you can broadcast all content from your SmartPhone onto our system. Enjoy games and other content including GoogleMaps with Live Traffic Updates.


Mirror your iPhone or Android Phone WIRELESSLY!


High Pixel 1024x600 Resolution with 1080P HD Playback

With 1024x600 pixel resolution youll experience crisp images that display perfectly. Dont settle for standard when you can watch movies and view images with the most detailed display.


Optional Crash Camera Ready

Optional Extra
Crash Camera Ready

Display and record your driving with the Optional Masten DVR Drive Recorder.
Note: Display and record your driving with the Optional Masten DVR Drive Recorder.

Masten-enhanced Multi-Point Capacitive Touch Screen

The Masten-enhanced touch-screen is more than twice as accurate as our competitors. With gesture control you can drag your favourite icons freely, allocate all your frequently used apps into one folder for greater convenience and zoom in on images and maps.


Introducing Google Now

The Roadmaster Series system is Google Now ready. Google Now is a personal assistant which finds information before you know you want it. Google Now sends out suggestions based on your search history, what you've watched, and what goes through your inbox. Note. You'll need an internet connection.


Masten®Bluetooth Phonebook Synchronization

The RoadMaster Series features an advanced ® Bluetooth module with full phonebook synchronization, meaning all your address book contacts on your phone can be displayed and accessed on the touch screen. View the names of your phonebook contacts, missed calls, dialed calls and more. To make a call after your phonebook has downloaded simply give the name a double tap on the screen..

Premium Navigation You Can Depend On

Includes Free Offline Map Updates
  • Extensive and up-to-date maps
  • Dual Mode Function (Audio and Navigation at one time)
  • Roads and intersections in 3D
  • Extensive Points Of Interest Database
  • School Zone Alerts and Speed Zones pre-installed
  • Turn-by-Turn Spoken Street names

Street & Off Road on 16GB HDD

DIG Options pre-install Off Road Navigation onto the system and offer via download 2GB of BONUS Australia-wide Topographical (Toppo) Off-Road Map Data to get you going.

The FREE Off Road Map Data includes over 500 extensive Maps of Outback Australia. Please note that this is via DOWNLOAD. Please contact us.

An Off Road Navigation Demo is supplied. Currently Off Road Navigation only allow resellers to include a demo version. When you purchase a license direct from the off road navi developer you also get LIFETIME Off Road Navigation Program updates included!

Off Road Navigation:

  • Mark Waypoints
  • Breadcrumb Trail
  • Log and Save Tracks
  • More/Less Detailed Maps
  • Auto Loading of Next Map

Reverse Camera Input

The Android-enhanced Roadmaster Series has a dedicated camera input with super fast auto activation when the reverse gear is acitvated. Don't wait up to a minute to view your camera image like with lower quality systems. The Roadmaster Series System activates faster than it's rivals!


Built-In Steering Wheel Control Interface

The Roadmaster Series is compatible with steering control buttons so you can keep your ears entertained and your eyes on the road.

*Some wiring may be required.

Masten® Engineered DSP Pro Sound

The Roadmaster Series System from DIG Options does not feature the standard Digital Signal Processor (DSP) as from other sellers. We've worked with Masten Engineers to tweak the sound for greater clarity and performance.

Adjust the sound settings to suit your preference and add a sub woofer for extra Omph!

It features Digital Sound Field Control for different music styles as well as custom settings as well as Listening Position Selector.

iPod / iPhone / iPad Interface

The Roadmaster Series System from DIG Options has been intuitively designed for each of control.

Simply connect your existing ipod/iPhone cable to search, browse and play all your favourite tracks


*Use your own Apple cable (not supplied)


Masten® Premium DVD/CD Loader

The Roadmaster Series System from DIG Options doesn't include a standard low grade DVD/CD Loader.

Enjoy movies up front, or play movies indepandently to an External Entertainment Monitor in the rear while following GPS directions on screen. Your'e in complete control!

aux RCA Auxiliary Input

With an AUX-in Cable, you can listen and playback music from the stereo, control your music from iPhone/iPod or MP3 Player.


aux Multi Region DVD

The DVD player is compatible with most DVD and CD Discs available in the market.


aux Multimedia Playback

Expand your media choices by plugging your USB sticks into the USB Port. Play music files and photo files stored on SD Cards with the SD Function featured in the DIG Options System.

Support:   Mp3   WMA   ASP   MP4   AVI   DAT   DIVX   MPEG   SVCD   VCD   XVID   WAV


SD Card Slot

Support Micro SD card up to 256GB.

Total file size should be within 4GB

USB Port

Support USB Stick up to 256GB.

Total file size should be within 4GB

The Roadmaster Series eats it all!

The Roadmaster System from DIG Options features heaps of inputs including 1 x USB for thumb drive and iPod/iPhone cable, 2 x SD Card, DVD/CD, AV Inputs for an MP3 Player, Bluetooth and more to play music and videos while on the road.


DIG Options




Bluetooth Smartphone Ready icon

Browse the Internet from the Roadmaster Series System

Simply setup your WIFI Network (including Personal Hotspot) and browse the internet, download apps and more

Higher Quality Images & Greater Sensitivity

DIG Options have upgraded the LCD and Touch Panel to Premium parts to deliver more Vivid Images, 65,000 colours to be precise, Less Sun Glare with a special matte coating on the panel, 4-Line Capacitive Touch Screen and brighter back light.


On-Board File Management

The built-in 16GB Hard Drive gives you even greater flexibility to upload thousands of tunes as well as move files around between HDD, USD and SD Card.


Screen Shots of the RoadMaster Series System from DIG Options

player Multi-Media Player


The Roadmaster Series Range from DIG Options will playback audio files (MP3/WMA) from the hard disc, USB, SD Card and other connected devices with excellent, Masten Engineered DSP Sound.

player High Quality Radio


DIG Options unleashes high levels of AM/FM reception with the upgraded radio receiver. The radio features RDS data transmission, AM/FM search and store function and music sound adjustment.


Intelligent 10-Minute Sleep Mode

One of the great features of the Roadmaster Series is it's sleep mode. What this means is that for 10 minutes the units will cut all power to the display so when you start your car the stereo is working almost immediately. When there is a call in this period via Bluetooth, the unit will wake up so the call can be taken.


Masten-Upgraded Built-In WIFI

With the Masten Built-in WIFI Module you can connect to the internet to search the internet, make data calls, have a VOIP Meeting, play online games, download data and APPS, compose emails and so on. The Masten WIFI is fast and reliable. You can also surf the internet with an external 3G/4G Network Card


Select from Thousands of APPS

Browse the Google Play store to download both paid and FREE apps from the Android Market. There are thousands of APPS in the Android Market including Games, Skype, MSN, Facebook, Twitter, Google Maps, E-Book Readers, Gmail, Whatsapp and more.

Specifications Comparison



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Make it yours.

Customise your ride with premium electronics from DIG Options that will improve your driving experience and go the distance.



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  • We offer collection because we sell quality
  • All products quality tested locally before shipment

Brand DIG Options
Shipping Weight 6.8000kg
Shipping Width 0.381m
Shipping Height 0.291m
Shipping Length 0.285m
Assembled Width 0.381m

Backed by a 12-Month and Australian-backed Warranty

Shipping worldwide with local maps to suit your location

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