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Original Ford Sync Bluetooth keeps reconnecting

Step 1: Remove Ford Sync in your phone and either 'Forgot Device' (if in iphone) or Delete Cache' (if android phone)

Step 2: if step 1 doesnt help, with the car running hold the PHONE button on your dash to bring up FORD SYNC on the DIG OPTIONS stereo, on the topuch screen push down to bluetooth and OK (on the screen). an X will appear next to the bluetooth. this should solve the issue.


I cannot push the fascia and monitor back.

You will need to add a 40mm hole for cabling. Failing to do this may crack the monitor which is not covered with warranty.

Click here for a photo detailing the update.


I have a Ford Ranger XLT 2013 model. Do all current functions I have work with the DIG Options System?

Yes, the DIG Options Premium Nav system will work with your parking sensors and has voice command also. Please check the product description as we will include details in there about functionality.


None of the buttons on my dash or steering wheel work. 

There is a plug going into the back of your existing LCD screen in your vehicle. On the DIG Options Premium system this needs to be plugged into the back of the CD/DVD part on the system from DIG Options. For the Platinum System the plug from the original monitor needs to plug into the cable DIG Options supplier with black plug and pink, black and grey wires.


The Screen is not bright enough in day light (AVN-PP06 Premium model only) 

Go to DVD, touch in the centre of the screen at the top then select OSD. Adjust the brightness here. 


My car battery keeps going flat

The flat battery issue is more than likely due to your vehicle. It is widely known (your Ford dealership could confirm) that the PX ranger has battery drain issues.


Due to the lights etc it is recommend with most new cars that they are started every 3 days. If you are only starting every 2 weeks I suggest you install a trickle charger to avoid flat battery. 


The Bluetooth has interference

In your phone settings please 'Forget' or 'Delete' the original Ford Ranger Bluetooth and re-pair to the new systems Bluetooth.


The Radio is no good

Ford PX Ranger's can have up to 3 antenna plugs. you need to find the correct one by trial and error. The correct one can be an off white colour however this can change so it's best to test them all. The correct one does pull out of your old LCD monitor and is black or off white. Ensure you use the one from the old monitor.

Also, ensure the antenna booster on your vehicle has been powered. This is the white with red trace wire on the right side of the car's radio loom. Connect this to the Power antenna waire (blue with black trace) on the DIG Options radio harness.


I have a safe driving message

Earth the Pink Brake wire behind the radio


Updating the firmware - Important for keeping the voice command

When you enter wince system,click my device-staticstore-Voice-key.Keep the 5 numbers.

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