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Understanding the difference between Image Sensor Quality

The difference between Masten CMOS Image Sensors in cameras and Sony CCD Image Sensors in cameras can be likened to the difference between analogue and digital. CCD image sensors deliver a sharper picture with more image lines (in DIG Options case as high as 700 TV Lines of resolution compared to 420 TV Lines with CMOS or Low Quality CCD Image Sensors) and also delivers clearer night vision in extremely low light conditions.

As professionals in camera technology, DIG Options hear about CCD and CMOS image sensors. If you are new to automotive cameras, when you buy your next camera, don’t forget to check its specification. You will see whether that camera is using CCD or CMOS sensor.

What is more important is the TV Lines of resolution. Some CCD sensors can be lower than 400 TV Lines or higher than 600 TV Lines. 


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