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HD 1080P vs AHD 1080P a brief summary

While our AHD 1080P Analog Cameras and DVR’s are fantastic products it is the Digital HD 1080P that is the preferred technology for clarity and security as the primary product of choice.  As AHD vs Digital HD are differing standards it is an either/or question as you cannot use an AHD 1080P Camera on a Digital 1080P DVR or vice versa.

The main differences between our analogue and digital products comes down to background interference which is outside of the user’s hands when you are driving your valuable personal or company vehicle (possibly with a trailer or caravan attached) and/or tools all over Australia in your travels every day.  While Analogue HD 1080P systems will record in high resolution with full colour and are the most cost effective, we believe that the benefits of Digital 1080P DVR’s outweigh the difference in price.

In brief HD Digital 1080P will give you a better result with better compression and less interference.  With the increasing quality of High Definition Mobile Recording systems available today we want to provide the best quality and affordable product to our customers with professional customer service and efficiency.

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