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The Bluetooth is actually better than the one that I had installed by Ford when I bought the rig. Much clearer and no echo etc.
I had to remove that one to install the new double din because it was connected to the radio wiring.


Runs throught the speakers, there is an external mic supplied with the unit that I got as well as the little mic in the unit itself. I presume that it runs on the external mic when that is connected (in the back). This mic is about twice the size of the old one and i recon that is why it works better.


Dig Options arn't the cheepest units around but good support and I can vouch for the quality. Apart from having to wait a few days due to issue with the first facia, the service and support were great and all items shipped from the same supplier.


I got the better reverse camera that was offered and its spot on.





I have the Dig_options gps and found it good as any other unit at least you can see the screen in the sun not like vms and polaris its about time gps manufactures done testing before puting their products on the shelf.-----I have had a toyota prado grande which never had problems with sun glare with the factory sat nav.I spentAU $1,500.00 on a polaris which is back in its box in the cupboard, could not see the screen in sun light. i am happy with my Dig-options unit and so are many other members of, sure you might get a dud every so often. why would they offer 12 mnths warranty ? and no i dont have any connection to this company in any way or form.





Hi Guys,


I just fitted and tested my second DIG-Options in dash double din all in one unit. First unit I left in the X-Trail... (note to self take it out BEFORE the dealer sees it for trade-in). 


New faster model works a treat and took all the corrugations I could give in our outback Birdsville trip. He has a dedicated Nissan model that just plugs in, if you tell him you have the funky Nissan aerial thing he might throw it in for free like he did for me...  :) 


Highly recommended, supplier in OZ, great after sales backup and at a reasonable price.


Check out ebay seller DIG-Options.






I've been checking this site for a while, it's cost me so much money!!

Anyway I registered so I could respond to your question. I bought an X-Trail a few months back and I found a thread on the Aus X-Trail forums about the all-in-one 'kitchen sink' style units that people had been installing in their double-din slots of their beloved x-trail. Anyway I did a bit more research about the recommended sources/brands and found a few other threads on the Prado forums that gave high praise for an ebay seller who is actually located in Melbourne and has excellent after sales service. Here's their store:

The Dig Options unit ended up ordering was about AU $510.00 shipped which arrived the day after I placed the order! 3.5 hours later I had the standard X-Trail unit out of the car and the new one installed. This included running all of the wiring for the supplied reverse-camera, placing the hands-free mic and the gps sensor.

I've been extremely impressed with the quality of the unit and the amount of features for the price. It even has a ton of manufacture specific launch screens so it flashes up a Nissan logo when I start the car, it looks more factory than the original unit. It ticks all of the feature requirements that you listed and more, including micro sd, flash drive, ipod control (not perfect), GPS (with updateable maps) and streaming from your phone, I was actually streaming spotify through it today.

Long story short, I've had a great experience with the above seller and their product. They will even supply the mounting brackets and plug'n'play wiring loom for your make/model if you supply that info with your order.

good luck!




Just wanted to share a good experience I had with Matt from DigOptions.
Purchased one of their units and they had an issue with supply, they were quick to advise of the issues they were having and sent free offroad maps to be used with OziExplorer for the inconvenience.

I had trouble trying to figure out the wiring for the camera and Matt replied to questions I had super quick.

The unit itself looks great so far and everything works real well.

Recommend you look at them if you are looking for a new double DIN unit with the works.






Dig-Options "Lifestyle Range" Head Unit Review

I bought a WinCE unit from Dig Options which was just under AU $500.00 with the reversing camera. 


Came in a a professional looking box with all the bits/cables I needed and some that I don't (RCA cables, iPod and others) 
Very simple. My old unit had one wiring harness plug and two for the aerials. A provided adaptor plugs between the new unit and wiring harness, and this includes a CAN module. Another supplied adaptor plug between the new until and the two aerials. This also needs 12V as it some sort of radio signal booster. I picked up the 12V from the cable out of the unit used to switch an external amp.
There is also a supplied USB extender, external mic and GPS antenna. I put the GPS up through the middle of the dash, and the mic and USB under through the steering column and out through the fuse panel lid.
Built in cable for USB 3G/Wifi dongle. I haven't tried this but may try wifi tethering some day
Turned it on and it works. Volume/mute/phone answer on my steering wheel all work straight away.


Radio reception is definitely better than my old RCD300, and the radio interface is as you would expect. Doesn't seem to be a facility for naming stations. I just did the auto searched which saves them and then I can select by frequency. 

Bluetooth Phone

Build in mic wasn't flash, but with supplied external mic handsfree calls are as better than any BT handsfree I have used in the past. Can't see if there is a contacts import, I suspect there isn't. Can dial from head unit, or select from call list or manually entered contacts. No contact import no big issue as I would dial from Google Now voice anyway, and will probably manually add 3 or 4 contacts that I would dial regularly

Bluetooth Streaming

This was a big ticket item for me, and it is really good quality sound. Pairing was easy and it works well. Doesn't show meta-data on head unit but you can control track next/reverse from there.


Takes at least one minute from selecting Navi before you get something useful. Once the slow startup is over the navi works pretty well. Have tried it few times and all the route finding and then re-routing works fine. There was a weird to the sound briefly whenever you touched the Navi screen, but found the setting to fix this. Voice turn-by-turn working well now with music play as well

DVDs/Video On Disc/USB/SD

Works. Can't myself watch a lot of in car video. The youtube video shows a bit of this

Music On Disc/USB/SD

The interface for this is a bit cludgy, and the control from the screen is too hard as the buttons are small (that's probably why they use a stylus in the video). A bit better from the remote. Can't see any options for random play, so it just seems to linearly play through tracks. I would prefer random. I think it takes about 30s to load a burnt DVD stuffed with MP3s

Reversing Camera:

I haven't fitted this yet. It pick up reverse gear selected and switch to camera input, so I update this later


Daytime visibility is good, but it a little too bright at night. I think it is picking up lights on from CAN bus and dimming but need to test this further. It's not ridiculously bright, but I would like it dimmer. On the plus side there is a hardware button to turn the screen off/on altogether.

Note on SD: I bought a new 16gb card the unit doesn't recognise it. I had another 2gb micro SD in an adatper that does work. Both are FAT32. 

So overall for my usage the unit gets a pass without setting the world on fire. It's stable and does the things I wanted most (BT phone/audio and Navi).