DIG Options Offers Backup Camera Systems for Commercial Vehicles

DIG Options Offers Backup Camera Systems for Commercial Vehicles

DIG Options introduced backup cameras designed for use in commercial trucks and cargo fleets. The products include various camera and screen models as well as multi-channel mobile DVRs designed for inter-fleet communication and management.

DIG Options's most affordable model, the DIG Options 1-Camera Set Up Model, comes equipped with a crystal clear 7-inch color LCD monitor, which projects a 130-degree view of what lies behind the truck and makes up for its blind spot. The camera is functional day and night, with 18 different infrared lights that project up to 50 feet behind the vehicle. It's also designed to function in extreme weather conditions and is shock resistant. Other features include a remote control, built-in speakers and earphone jack, and three channels that allow drivers to connect additional cameras or DVD players.

The Masten 4 Channel Mobile DVR Model, the company's top-of-the-line model, streams video over cellular or Wi-Fi networks and supports bi-directional communication between drivers and a control center. The system's premium features also include built-in GPS, a G-force accelerator that predicts and helps to prevent collisions and an optional touchscreen. 

"Commercial trucks are some of the most difficult vehicles to operate on the road today," says Matt Ryan, GM of DIG Options. "Our fully integrated, multi-part truck backup camera systems finally allow drivers the chance to get an unobstructed view of what's behind them, which means that cargo companies will save money on damaged vehicles and, more importantly, there will be fewer deaths and injuries stemming from blind spot accidents."

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