How to Install a Car Stereo in an Astra

Author: Andrea  


Remove the old stereo. Use the keys to undo any security bolts surrounding the stereo. Connect the stereo removal tools into the holes on each side of the stereo. Pull the stereo from the dashboard and disconnect the leads running into the back of the player.



Remove the new stereo from its packaging. There will be a metal cage for the stereo to be inserted into for it to fit the dashboard correctly. This cage will be inserted into the dashboard first. There will likely be several metal pins which must be bent using a screwdriver to ensure the cage is held tightly in the dashboard. Pull the sound cables through the back of the cage so they can be easily reached and connected to the stereo.



Pull the cables as far from the dashboard as possible and connect the aerial cable into the round aerial hole on the back of the new stereo. An adapter may be necessary in order to connect the other cables to the particular brand of stereo you are installing. Adapter cables can be purchased from most car audio stores. Connect the appropriate end of the adapter to the back of the stereo and plug the car's own audio cables into the adapter.



Slowly push the car stereo into cage in the dashboard. Make sure the cables don't become trapped, tangled or bunched behind the stereo. When the stereo is fitted in its cage correctly it should click into place. If applicable, connect any frames to the face of the stereo to hide the edges of the cage. Turn the car on to test the new stereo.

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