Is Double DIN (2 DIN) better than Single DIN (1 DIN)?

Author: Matt  

If you’re concerned about replacing a 2 DIN head unit with a 1 DIN car stereo for quality reasons, you can stop worrying.


Double DIN head units aren’t necessarily better than single DIN head units. Although there’s more internal space for components (like built-in amplifiers).


The main benefit of double DIN head units is typically in the display, since double DIN comes with so much more screen real estate than single DIN. Most of the best touch screen head units fit the double DIN form factor, which also means that most of the best video head units also fall into this category.. However, there are a number of great single DIN head units that have flip-out touch screens, so choosing one form factor over the other really comes down to personal preference.


If you need to purchase a 1 DIN system we recommend that you don't focus on the lowest price as the screen movement may fail in a short time.. 

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