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Author: Kaye   Date Posted:2 September 2016 

Looking for a reliable TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitor Kit for your truck/bus or caravan?

Introducing Masten’s Premium Heavy Duty Tyre Pressure Monitor System

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Who wouldn’t want to be on the road driving and travelling safely? Whether it is a short trip or long hours on a tour with family and friends, having peace of mind while on the road is everyone’s concern. Of course, checking the engine oil level, transmission fluid level, water level and coolant level before heading out on your destination would be necessary for road-safe tips while others would also include checking the tire air pressure.

Before starting out, many of us may not go out and check the tires but when it comes to gas mileage, ride comfort, and safety, checking and re-calibrating your tire air pressure shouldn’t be ignored. Aside from those, you wouldn’t want to spend a lot of your hard-earned money just to get a new rubber for your caravan, 4x4, trailer, RV, Truck or car because the tire blew out or it’s damaged and failed because it was under-inflated.

There are lots of TPMS offered in the market. And Masten is not losing the competition in providing and offering the best TPMS you can have. They have designed a premium heavy duty tire pressure monitoring system that has waterproof external sensors. It is caravan safe, a 4WD wireless safety link, digital TPM system that displays real time critical tire information in your vehicle system. And not only it monitors the air pressure, it also monitors the temperature.

Tires are designed to work within a certain pressure and temperature range and there is a recommended inflation pressure depending on your vehicle. For the temperature however, if the tire is underinflated, it runs much hotter than normal and it may or may not create a potentially dangerous situation which also depends on how low the tire is, how fast you’re driving, how heavy the load is and the outside temperature.

Why choose the Masten TP-20?

Firstly, the sensors can be paired without deflating the tyres. Secondly, the range is 8m, or 200m (line of sight with the optional Range Extender).

Masten has continually improved its TPM systems from caravan tyre pressure, 4WD tyre pressure monitor to Truck TPM sensors as they research on the best tire pressure monitoring system to offer in the market. Here are the product features you would highly consider for purchasing this one:

With Masten’s TP-20 compact monitor design, you can visibly check you’re vehicle’s tire information clearly. Built on a 3.5” Monitor with upgraded transmitter and improved brightness panel. The intense sunglare with automatic backlight provides greater visibility, making it easier to view the details even on broad daylight, under the tunnel or when driving at night. You can choose to display it using a desk-mount monitor holder or windscreen suction mount. It also displays real-time tire pressure and temperature of all 5 tyres simultaneously. It has an upgraded 8 meters signal strength compared to similar models in the competition, and an optional range extender that can give you up to 200 meters range line of sight. It perfectly suits trucks and RV too, which can monitor up to 22 tyres, but it will come with 4 heavy duty external waterproof cap sensors and 4 waterproof rubber seals with an option for spares at an extra charge. The rechargeable and built-in lithium battery can last up to 60 hours of use, so travelling longer destinations wouldn’t be an issue. There is an available cigarette socket power adapter in case it gets low on battery while on the road, plus a hard wire cable for concealed power. The TPMS also allows you to configure high and low pressure and temperature ranges for the front and rear sensors using PSI and BAR units. When a tire problem is detected it triggers an alarm and displays screen information automatically. The multi-color interface lets you identify problem tires by displaying it in red. With this feature, you can never go wrong and feel safe while driving or even before heading out the road.  Even when your car is parked, you can easily switch off caravan/trailer sensors with its easy-to-use monitor. Feel safer as it has an anti-theft and company sensor that locks onto your tires. This product is very easy to install and comes with a user-friendly programming functions. Masten also provides up to 3 year battery life for external cap sensors which mean the battery can be changed.

Considering a TPMS of good value that has all these features are worth purchasing. Since tires nowadays are difficult to recognize if under or over inflated by plain visual inspection, a Masten TPMS will make sure the tire pressure and temperature levels are in its ideal and proper setting. Overall, this product has provided the best value for a tire pressure monitoring system you’ll ever have.

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