Installing a reverse camera to your car

Author: Sarah  

In the modern day, the reversing camera is warmly welcomed by the majority of owners, so rear view camera plays an extremely important role in protecting the safety of reversing, especially in the crowed parking lot, bad light and the place where children often play.


First step: Disconnect the vehicle's battery 

remove the car battery at the power supply connection, and dismantle connections on to a place away from the electrode to prevent the power turned on accidentally. 


Second Step: Install your rear-view camera monitor

Determine the location of the installation of car rear view system that is divided into two types, the first one, mounted on the position of the frame plate lamps,  this is relatively easy to install, simple camera accessories inside the small screw head is fixed on the imaging position of the license plate lamp can be through accessories iron piece or washer like adjustment of the camera is penetrated into the car through the cracks of license plate and is connected with reversing lights power and video extension cord connection.


Third Step: Use a drill to install the camera. 

 Mount the camera on the bumper, license plate, or other location at the rear of the vehicle. The kit will include all the necessary mounting hardware. Attach the camera's power wire to the back-up light power wire on your car. If you purchased a wireless camera, you do not need to wire the camera. Reconnect the car battery.



Forth Step: Test the camera before attempting to drive with it. 

Make sure you can clearly see what is behind the car. Turn on the camera and monitor, place an immovable object behind the car, put the car in reverse but keep your foot on the brake, and verify that you can see the object in the monitor.


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