Preparing the digOptions Unit

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Preparing the digOptions Unit


  1. Remove and transfer the Centre Information Display (Trip meter)The stock display must be transferred to the digOptions unit.












                                                         Above: Centre Information Display

There are four phillips head screws to be removed.- Above: Centre Information Display










Attach the Centre Information Display to the digOptions unit, pushing firmly into place until the tabs click. Then screw the four screws you removed from the stock unit. They are tight because there is no cut thread in the digOptions unit.

Above: digOptions Unit with Center Information Display fitted.

2.Transfer white plastic clips

The original unit has six white plastic clips which help secure the facia into place. Using a couple of slim screwdrivers carefully prise these off the original facia and place them on the similar positions on the digOptions unit. Be careful with these. They can suddenly fly off and disappear down a vent!

                           Above: White retaining clips.

3. Preparing the digOptions wiring harness.

Above: View of the rear of the digOptions Unit

There are two digOptions wiring harnesses supplied with the unit, as well as a microphone, GPS antenna, iPod Cable, remote keypad, and a touch screen Pen. Two USB cables hang from the rear of the unit along with connectors for antenna, microphone, and a Pajero wiring connector for speakers and power

Above: GPS

Above: Microphone

Above: iPod cable

Night Time Illumination

The digOptions unit has an orange wire labelled ILL that needs to be connected to the lights circuit on the Pajero.
When you remove the stock Mitsubishi unit there is a connector revealed on the right hand side of the fascia. (NOT the Hazard connector!)

Above: Stock facia socket

This connector is made redundant by the digOptions unit. In the stock unit this connector supplied power to the fascia when the ignition is turned on and also when the lights are switched.

Use a multimeter to work out which of the connections is active when the lights are turned on. I found the wire to be a green wire with a white stripe but check yours. I used a crimp connector to patch a wire to it, without trying to disassemble the whole connector. You might prefer to try finding a lighting wire at the fuse box beside the steering wheel. I just could not figure out which wires to tap into.

                            Above: Fuse box under dash.

Above: Attach ILL wire to the green and white wire for night time illumination.

Wiring Harnesses

Above: Audio/Video wiring harness.

In the base Pajeros like the GLX, the only AV wire to be connected is to a reversing camera (CCD-IN) if one is fitted. The other wires can be cable tied or taped together out of the way. If a more expensive sound system is installed in the car (MMMS system?) then there are AV connector for speakers an extra DVD screens.


Above: digOptions device wiring harness.

The second connector needs to have extra wires attached before the unit is fitted.

An eye needs to be attached, by soldering or crimping, to a wire about 50cm long. This wire then needs to be soldered or crimped to the black GND wire. This wire will be screwed under a screw which hold the radio in place.

  1. Above: Earth wire connects to chassis under radio.

    In order that the DVD unit will not operate (show movies!) whilst the car is in motion, a wire needs to be connected to the handbrake. When the handbrake is actuated a proximity switch closes an earth circuit.

    To connect a wire to the handbrake circuit it is necessary to remove parts of the centre console.


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