iPod Playback Issues

The Roadmaster System will work with all later Apple products excluding the following:

  • iPhone 3gs 2
  • iPhone 3gs
  • Nano 3gen
  • Nano 4gen
  • Nano 5gen
  • Touch 3gen
  • Touch 4gen
  • Classic 4th Gen colour
  • Classic 5th Gen
  • Classic 5th Gen 1st revision
  • Classic 6th Gen 1st revision
  • Classic 6th Gen 2nd revision
  • Classic 7th Gen
  • Classic 7th Gen 1st revision
  • Classic 7th Gen 2nd revision

Our unit cannot compatible with all after-market products, so we choose to compatible with the updated after-market ones.

If you are using iPod in older version, please update your firmware, and it will work in our unit.

Alternatively, you can plug in the headphone jack RCA cable to your iPod to play songs, or simply play songs from your phone Bluetooth and microSD card.


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