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Will I get an SD Card with Navigation maps?

Yes, this is stored in the box, usually in the manual or otherwise already in the system. Simply take out of the bag and insert into the GPS Slot. If you have purchased additional Off Road Mapping, this card will be sent to you separately.

We apologise for any delay in between item deliveries.


When I push Nav I get the DIG Options switch screen. I would prefer to launch straight into the Street Navigation.

Please go into GPS Path and change the GPS path. At the moment it is on Navione/Navione.exe. Change this by opening the Street Folder then select Street.exe.


After pushing Nav my system says No Navigation Found.

This is indicating there is either a problem with the SD Card (which is common) or the path is not set correctly. Please check the Setup/Settings to see if you are able to see any files in GPS Navi Path. If you have an SD Card adapter you can check the Sd card to ensure it has contents on it. A new adapter may need to be purchased or sent from DIG Options.


Off Road Navigation

Extra help:

Does DIG Options supply free off road maps?

Yes we do via download. Please contact us after purchase at We also offer 300% more for a small fee and we send out a card that you just insert into our system and you're ready to go!


When I click on Off Road I am asked for a license number.

DIG Options add Ozi Explorer as a convenience for customers as it’s a fantastic program if you intend to go off the beaten track. No reseller is allowed to register a license for Ozi Explorer on behalf of the customer. Besides, if you get the license yourself you will get Lifetime Software Updates! For a manual on getting the license please click here.


Ozi Explorer cannot find satellites

Please follow this manual by clicking here.


The keyboard on my ozi explorer off road is too small

Open Navi, go to offroad, general settings, sys2 and the last panel on the right is keyboard size.


When I open Ozi Explorer it says "Specified path data folder does not exist"

Go into Ozi Off Road. Click on File, Configuration, Map & Data Files. Click on the […] then open SD Card, Off Road then select Maps and OK.


Does DIG Options offer support on Ozi Explorer (Off Road program)?

No. There is so much to learn there are study courses available. We recommend you search Ozi Explorer and watch tutorials at


When i enter Off Road (Ozi Explorer) i receive an error "Unable to open Port - it may be in use by another program or utility or may not exist on this device. 

This error is due to the operator exiting one navigation program and entering the off road too fast. Please slow down the switching process. 


How can I purchase off road maps after the purchase of my DIG Options system?

Please check our store.


Extra Help on Setup and Use of Oziexplorer 

We are not experts on Ozi Explorer. 

A great place to learn about Ozi is Youtube. Jump onto Youtube and search "Oziexplorer Tutorial" or "Oziexplorer Help" and so on. A lot is in Russian for some reason but you can also find English. Please note than most, if not all Hema Navigators also use Oziexplorer if that helps find useful info and tutorials.

Click here for a direct link


Contact Details

If all else fails please contact the program developer, Ozi Explorer. 

Des Newman

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