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Why won't my system power on?

If you haven’t bolted the system in or earthed it this could be the problem. We recommend you see a professional installer. If you would like us to recommend an installer please check our website for a list. Your installer may also need to swap the yellow and red wires on the harness we supplied to reverse the constant 12V power and ignition power.


My system keeps going black/resetting

Please check the car battery has a minimum of 10AMPS. If it does then please contact us. 


Screen going black occasionally or with indicators / lights - For Platinum System

There have been a few occasions where it has been reported that the screen will go off when indictors, brakes or headlights are turned on.  On most occasions this is a result in a fault in the wiring of a car (regardless of age).   

If the screen starts as normal and goes black but the radio stays on then try the following.  
Go to Setting
            Reverse detection
              Set this to off.

If the screen no longer goes black then the cause of this is coming from the Blue trigger wire receiving 12V, which it should only when the car is in reverse.  If this is the case you will need to get your wiring tested.

Other things to try is to run a heavy duty cable direct from the battery to the Yellow wire on unit so that the effect of a battery drain is minimalized which may happen due to poor alternator or poor battery.  Of course a wire should also be run from the body of the car to the unit to give it better earth.  


Unit not turning on again solutions:

Over the past few months there have been sporadic reports of units not turning on again after installation.  In Dash systems with high specifications like the DIG Options systems are sensitive to power due to the functions and features. This problem when bench tested cannot be duplicated and so the solution needs to be within the car.

There are a few solutions available:
1) Temporary solution A
The unit uses both 12V Constant (Yellow) and 12V Accessories (Red)
When the unit is working remove each fuse in turn (but NOT the radio fuse) till the unit turns off.  Once this constant power fuse is known it will be a matter of removing this fuse to re-set the  unit

2) Temporary solution B
  Remove the earth from the battery for a few minutes will re-set the unit.

3) Permanent solution C
Simply cut the constant Yellow wiring and join it to the red accessories wire.  This will mean the unit will work each time the accessories is on but the drawback is that you will loose the clock.  Also the unit will start each time with the radio.  If you would like a clock then the road mapping can be set to display the current time.Check out an image for this by clicking here. 

4) Permanent Solution D
One of the issues is due to a design fault in many cars where the manufacturer will reduce the amount of copper used to reduce the cost.  This results in thin wiring to the stereo as the factory units need a lot less power than factory radios. And so there is a 2 part solution.
   A) run a heavy gauge power wire direct from the battery to the stereos Yellow constant wire
   B) Run a 12v relay from the accessories wire which will provide power to the unit from the same heavy gage wire.   You will also need to an inline fuse for this.  Should the unit still not work you can always re-set the unit by removing this fuse. Check out an image for this by clicking here. 

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