Reverse Camera

The camera will not switch on automatically.

Ensure the camera trigger wire (BACK) on the DIG Options Stereo is being powered when you go into reverse. On most cameras from DIG Options we include a thin red wire on our camera lead that connects to the BACK wire. The camera should be powered from the reverse light.


When I brake, indicate (engage turn signal) the screen goes black/blue.

This means you are getting power feedback up the camera trigger wire. Please try earth off the negative on the reverse light. If this doesn't work add a resistor to prevent the flow of power from your brake and indicators.  


The camera image is not clear/ flashes.

This is often due to the vehicle being diesal. If you are experiencing a poor image from the reverse camera then you need to use filter box or simply use a 680uF 25V +105℃. For a diagram click here


When I power the camera from my reverse light I get a warning light.

Power the camera from an ignition power in the car like cigarette socket.


Can I switch off the grid lines on the provided camera? Can I make the camera a front camera?

If the camera provided has blue and white loose wires you can join or cut them to update the camera output.


Reverse camera is not working but the system is changing to CAM mode.

Please check the following:

  1. The plug from the camera to the long lead is pushed in as hard as possible.
  2. Camera has a good earth
  3. Camera RCA is plugged into the CAMERA yellow rca plug on the stereo
  4. Push SRC, Setup and make sure Back detect is selected on.
  5. You can also try the small camera icon on the SRC main menu page.
  6. If the camera works when the vehicle is not started but turns off when started you will need to add a relay which is due to the voltage dropping.
  7. Has the cable been pinched? This can cause a camera short and similar to if the camera has been shorted by incorrect wiring, is not covered under warranty.
  8. Is the camera getting at least 12V power? Some cars drop the voltage while ignition is engaged.


Trouble shootTry plug the camera RCA into the video RCA input, disconnect the thin red wire to the camera trigger wire then go into reverse gear, and select AUX on screen does camera image show?

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