Functionality Problems

Incorrect Time

The time is incorrect on my System

Please go into street navigation and select the correct time zone and tick the box to copy the time to the GPS.


Open Door is the wrong way around

When my door opens the door orientation is wrong (when I open driver side on screen passenger side is displayed).

Step 1: Go to Main Menu

Step 2: Settings

Step 3: General

Step 4: Scroll down 3 times till you see Factory Settings

Step 4: Select Open

Step 5: Put the password of 1234

Step 6: scroll down till you see door and change this


Engine Noise through the speakers

I am hearing a lot of engine noise.

Please check out a guide to eliminating engine noise by clicking on this link

My screen occasionally goes black. Is the unit faulty?

Usually No, this problem is usually caused by installer error. There is a camera trigger wire (not RCA) at the back of the unit which needs to be wired to the Positive (+) of your reverse light. Sometimes installers can get this wrong. Also from the camera remember to wire the red to Positive (+) of reverse light and the red/black to negative (-) of your reverse light. 


Button Lights

The button lights don't light up.

Please first try following the video on changing the button lights at If still no luck you may need to attach the button illumination wire to the red 12V ignition wire.


USB Inputs

Why do I have 2 USB inputs on the Platinum System?

The cable fixed into the back is for adding a certified 3G/WIFI USB dongle – we have a document with the approved models.

The other USB can be accessed from the main menu on the system to play music and videos.


Usability and Instruction Manual

Your car DVD players are great but the instruction manual lacks. Any improvements there?
We make video tutorials which we believe to be easier to follow. Please check


Car Logo

The logo that loads at the beginning is not my car logo

Some logos are not available however most will be in the settings. To change please go into settings and change the logo. For Premium systems please contact us for a logo load program.


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