Holden - Cruze


Will the Aircon Information, parking sensors and other information work with my car?



The dash buttons will not work. 

On the harness from DIG Options there will be a left over plug that you haven't used. 

With the original monitor there was a plug/cable going into it which you probably tucked away. 

Join the 2. Your dash buttons will work.


Holden Colorado


If you have an issue with the parking lights

Cut the looped red wire. Connect the side of the cut red wire with power to the brown illumination wire on the harness we supplied.


My stereo button lights are not working

Please check your dash dimmer as they are set to half way by default.


I have received multiple cables. Which one should i use?

Please use SC-I04 PN 3020122001217


The stereo will not push into the dash.

You will need to cut small parts behind the stereo. Please refer to the following image.

Click here to view instruction image


Install DIG Options Mylink Replacement and retain original microphone and camera. 

Click here to view instructions


Holden - Commodore VY VZ and Pontiac GTO 


My steering wheel buttons are not working. 

You may need to program the steering wheel buttons according to our video at www.youtube.com/digoptions.

If this still doesn't work please wire up according to the instructions by clicking here.

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