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Poor Radio reception particularly on AM

Due to Hyundai vehicles have an Active (powered) antenna you need to ensure there is 12volts on the power antenna wire of your Hyundai vehicle.


Hyundai IX35 / IX-35


I have no sound

First please check if your Hyundai IX35 has an amplifier for the speakers.
If the car has an amplifier:
Please make sure you use the canbus part (plastic box joined to cable) number 5689680139000
The cable part number should be 3022500656000
Next, go into Settings, Factory Settings, Password 1234 and switch on external amplifier.

If you try the above with no success please try canbus part 5689680139000 with cable 3022500113000 with internal and external amplifier.
If the car has no amplifier:
Please make sure you are using the cable part number 3022500461760
There is no need to use the canbus part (plastic box joined to cable
Ensure external amp is not selected in Factory Settings. 


My steering wheel controls are not working

Please follow the video at If still no luck contact us at

Note. If some buttons have the same function you will need to change the impedance from high or low otherwise you may need to add a 100Ohm resistor to one of the steering wheel wires and a 200Ohm resistor to the other.

If you have a DIG Options Platinum System please do as follows:


  1. Push Setting (top left)
  2. Push General
  3. Push down and select Steer Wheel
  4. Push reset
  5. Push volume + on screen
  6. Push start
  7. On your steering wheel push volume +
  8. Now store


Repeat for all buttons.


If some buttons have the same function then push reset and select Low (or High) Impedence.

If you don’t get any readings it's likely your installer may have not connected the steering wires.

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