Mazda - BT-50 2012 - 2015


I cannot push the fascia and monitor back.

You will need to add a 40mm hole for cabling. Failing to do this may crack the monitor which is not covered with warranty.

Click here for a photo detailing the update.


None of the buttons on my dash or steering wheel work. 

There is a plug going into the back of your existing LCD screen in your vehicle. On the DIG Options Premium system this needs to be plugged into the back of the CD/DVD part on the system from DIG Options. 


How do i program the steering wheel buttons?

Enter Settings, Wheel, Password 0000. 

Start with Key 1. Select for example VOL +. Touch Match on screen. Hold Steering wheel Button for VOL +. Push Save. 

Repeat for all buttons. 


The Radio is no good

Mazda BT-50s can have up to 3 antenna plugs. you need to find the correct one by trial and error. The correct one unplugs from the original LCD screen in the car and is usually black. Please ensure RDS radio settings and region settings are set to your region (ie Australia). To get to the RDS settings you need to go into settings/factory settings, the password is 0000. then choose RDS.

You will need to power up the Vehicle's AM Radio Booster. To do this locate the thick white wire with red trace in the vehicle loom. From the DIG Options stereo connect up the Blue Power Antenna / Auto ANT wire to that. It will power your car's booster.


Timezone is wrong

You need to go into settings/factory settings, the password is 0000. then choose timezone. also check the timezone is correct within the street navigation program.

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