Nissan Pathfinder

I am having problems with connecting the steering buttons.

If required you may need to splice wires to get your steering wheel controls going, no need to invest $300 in a steering wheel interface as you may with other units. These instructions have been confirmed on a 2005 Nissan ST-L Pathfinder.

Step 1

In your vehicle the three vehicle steering wires are yellow (with grey dots), pink (with grey dots)
and blue (with grey dots). They are on a connector that needs to be cut off or spliced into (to retain existing plug for the future).

Step 2
DIG Options have included 2 vehicle harnesses. If your steering wheel controls aren’t working then chances are your vehicle requires the harness with 1 black plug and 2 white plugs.

On the other harness you will find a small blue plug with 2 green wires and a black wire. Cut the cable tie so it comes away from the loom then cut the green wires and black wires as close to the large white plug as possible.


Step 3
Strip back the 3 steering wheel wires from your vehicle, and the 3 steering wheel wires going to your new stereo. Follow the following instructions.
Wire connections:
Black to Blue
Green to Pink
Green to Yellow

Step 4- Setting the steering wheel functions with the stereo powered on

1. Press SRC, then Setup in the top left corner, then Steer.

2. Select the touch screen option (for example -VOL).

3. Press the START button and wait until the touch screen button becomes RED.

4. Hold the steering wheel button for 3 seconds or press continuously on the steering wheel button (in this case -VOL).

5. Then do it for all the optional steering wheel button (-VOL, +VOL, -CHAN, +CHAN and MODE which might be suitable for SRC on the touch screen).

6. Press the STORE button on the touch screen.

Note. If connected correctly the stereo should recognize the buttons straight away.

Please note. If the above doesn’t work please try swapping the green wires around. Black will always go to Blue as this is Ground.

Important. If the above doesn’t work it’s possible you may need to add a 100ohm resistor to one of the green wires and a 300ohm resistor to the other green wire. 


If you have R51 -
lease see colour codes - (06 r51 pathfinder nissan st-l)


Factory loom - yellow silver dots

                        - orange silver dots

                        - green silver dots


- green silver dots to black 

- yellow silver dots to green with black line 

- orange silver dots to green 


Nissan Xtail

Bluetooth answer buttons not working

Due to the wiring in the xtrail it is not possible to maintain those buttons. They have not permitted this due to the original Bluetooth setup. You could assign another button to answer or hang up by following the steering wheel button setup here.


The stereo screen blacks out when indicating. 

This can be due to oxidisation on one of your vehicle terminals / harness in the tail light. You will need to have the terminals cleaned up. A resistor may help but it's best to resolve the problem with a permanent fix.

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