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Will the Aircon Information, parking sensors and other information work with my car?



When my door opens the door orientation is wrong (when I open driver side on screen passenger side is displayed).

Step 1: Go to Main Menu

Step 2: Settings

Step 3: General

Step 4: Scroll down 3 times till you see Factory Settings

Step 4: Select Open

Step 5: Put the password of 1234

Step 6: scroll down till you see door and change this




When I select Reverse the DIG Options system does not switch to camera mode

Please checkout the instructions on this by clicking here


When I connected the camera to my car i experienced problems with my parkers/dash lights

Remember never to assume a black wire is earth. ALWAYS connect the ground of the camera to the body/chassis of the car. Incorrectly connecting the camera may cause a pulse of power through the car which can harm the can bus or blow a car fuse. 

It is good practice to always connect the earth of the camera to the body/chassis!


The reverse camera is not clear 

Connect the striped wire of a capacitor to the vehicle body/chassis and the earth wire of the camera. Connect the non-striped wire of the capacitor to the positive of the reverse light and the positive of the reverse camera. 


Volkswagen Crafter


FM Radio but no AM Radio

For info please checkout

Connect the Blue/black wire from the cable we supplied to the yellow/black wire in your harness.


The system is not switching on with the ignition

Cut the red wire between the stereo and the can bus (the plastic box we supplied) and wire from the stereo red wire to 12V+ ACC ignition in the car. It is best to get the 12V+ ignition from green wire on your vehicle loom or fuse box. 


Volkswagen - Early models (Polo)


Once the unit is plugged in the unit does NOT turn off when the car is turned off.  Holding the SRC button turns the unit off (very annoying, it should just turn off when the car is turned off). Also the remote lock/unlock feature on the car key does nothing.  Car will not lock or unlock.

Connect the red cable of the DIG Options harness to the "black with red stripe" wire from car .


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