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You say it comes with a 2 year map updates, what happens after that and is it all in English.

Yes, it's all in English. After the 2 year period you can purchase maps from us or elsewhere. This system doesn't lock you to one software program or provider as it runs on Windows CE.


What is the name of the Navigation Software? What is the cost of updates after the free period?

At the time of writing this we install with Kudos. After the free period (if mentioned in the advertising), updates are AU $50.00 each and there is no time limit to use.


What points of interest (POI) options are included?
The existing options include: airport, amusement park, ATM, auto service, automobile club, automobile dealer, bank, bar, bookstore, border crossing, bowling centre, bus station, business facility, casino, cemetery, church, cinema, city hall, civic centre, coffee shop, commuter station, convention centre, county council, court house, data centre, embassy, entrance/exit, ferry terminal, golf course, grocery store, guest house, hairdresser, high-rise building, higher education, holiday resort, hospital, hotel, ice skating rink, insurance, karaoke, library, marina, media centre, medical service, monument, mosque, motorcycle dealer, motorway restaurant, museum, named place, nightlife, park & ride, parking garage, parking lot, performing arts, petrol station, pharmacy, police station, post office, public sport airport, recreation area, rental car agency, research institute, residential area, rest area, restaurant, school, second hand cars, shopping, ski resort, sports centre, sports complex, subway station, synagogue, technology centre, telecom, temple, toll station, tourist attraction, tourist information, train station, and winery. You can also create your own.


Can you supply a map for my country?

In most cases yes we can. If we cannot we will advise.


Does your Navigation include voices?

Yes our navigation will mention the street name in most cases. If you can't hear the voice please try a few different voices.


Does the navigation have speed camera alerts?

Yes, however these are only up to date as of the last software update. As speed limits constantly change we recommend visually inspecting signage also yourself.

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