Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)

Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS)


Can I purchase extra sensors?

Yes extra sensors can be purchased. On our TPMS that will display on the Car DVD Stereo, the maximum sensors that can be viewed is 4 at a time. By repairing you can monitor a different combination of tyres. For example, if you attach a caravan repair sensors to view those tyres. Please contact us for further questions.


How does your TPMS display on my Stereo(TP-07 / TP-08)?

Unless you purchase our model with separate LCD Display, our TPMS has been engineered to run through the camera input of the stereo. If there is a problem with the tyres or you press the button you can view tyre information. In both cases, the information is only displayed for about 10-15 seconds, then the radio returns to its original display.


Will the TPMS only display when i am in reverse (TP-07 / TP-08)? 

No, it works in drive. There is a switch you press that sends a signal to the TPMS receiver that tells it to send a signal to radio using the inputs for a reverse camera telling the radio to display the reverse camera screen but instead of the radio showing the reverse camera it shows the display for the TPMS. This would not work in reverse as you might get a double image from the TPMS and reverse camera being on at the same time.


My Masten TPMS (TP-05 / TP-06) is not displaying all sensors

Please reset it using the leak test process outlined in the manual.


My Masten TPMS (TP-05 / TP-06) cannot pair to new sensors

if you are pairing the sender to the display, you have to keep remote 1m away from other senders when pressing the button for 3 seconds.
If programming more than 4 sensors you must change the mode from car mode and yes for 3 seconds.


The TPMS will not display on the monitor (TP-07 / TP-08)

Check the installation. The red wire should be powered to 12V ignition, the black to GND, the grey only should be connected to the BACK (reverse camera trigger wire) and the camera RCA plugged into the TPMS and the output of the TPMS RCA plugged into the camera input on the monitor.


My tyres are going flat with the internal sensors.

The sensors have not been installed correctly. 

Screwing the internal sensors too tight it may cause the rubber seal to deform and leak. Please screw the first nut (about 3-3.3 Newton Metre) until the valve stem is still and firm when shaking the exposed part of it by hand. Please screw the second nut to fix the first one (about 0.2~0.3 Newton Metre). To check if there is any leaking, please use soapy water. Smearing a thin layer of silicone sealant on the inner side (rim hole joining spot) can prevent leaking.



Repairing TPMS.

Internal and external sensors require repairing it to connect any extra sensor. Following instructions as below will help to repair the sensors:

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How to connect my TPMS:-

For TP- 19,20.21.22.





Note:- For both internal and external sensors the Setup is same for the above mentioned TPMS.


FOR TP-14:- 

the link below shows how to set up TP-14:-



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