Platinum Series


DIG Options System Questions before purchase



Your system looks the same as what is cheaper from China.

This is a common misconception. Broadly speaking, there are two grades of product. Domestic (China grade) and Export. DIG Options go further by upgrading key parts like the radio receiver, monitor, processor and also engineer the software to perform better; no other seller offers this.



Will this product fit in my car?

We make every effort to ensure vehicle suitability is accurate in the product description. If your model does not appear in the list, please contact us. If your model is listed, minimal, if not no rework is required. If some rework (splicing) is required we will supply instructions.



Can you offer a better price?

Our lowest pricing is direct on our website. For bulk purchases (4 or more) discount pricing can be offered.



Do I have to cut any cables to install my Digoptions System?

Generally no, all our systems are plug and play. If rework is required then instructions will be supplied.



Will I lose any functionality with my car?

Unless otherwise stated then no. If you have AUX/USB input in your centre console you may need to cut wires to make that work if we don’t have an adapter on hand. Genuine reverse cameras are usually 6 volt and will need a professional to adapt to our system – an easier  option is to add a Dig Options camera. Unless mentioned, the system will not work with current Voice Command in your vehicle.



Are my steering wheel buttons compatible?

All DIG Options systems have a built in Steering Wheel Interface. Steering wheel buttons will work. Depending on the setup of your current Bluetooth the steering wheel button to answer may or may not work, usually there is no problem and it will work. For most cars the steering wheel controls are ‘plug and play’ without modification.



Will I get an SD Card with Navigation maps?

Yes, this is stored in the box, usually in the manual. Simply take out of the bag and insert into the GPS Slot. If you have purchased additional Off Road Mapping, this card will be sent to you separately. We apologise for any delay in between item deliveries.



Will this work with my iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone etc?

Yes. You will be able to take calls, make calls and play music via the Bluetooth. You can connect up to 6 Bluetooth devices and the system will automatically pair when within range. You can plug an Apple product into the device to control via the iPhone interface, or add a stereo cable into the AUX inputs to run music and videos from your non-Apple product.



Does your product include a Lightning Connector for the iPod?

At the time of editing this document we only supply an older style connector. You can still connect any Bluetooth device wirelessly, otherwise (due to licensing) the only adapters that will charge and play music are available in an Apple Store or on the Apple website.



Does your unit has an external Microphone for the Bluetooth hands free?

Yes we supply an upgraded Masten branded External Bluetooth Microphone.



Will the buttons on the system light up at night?

When power from your headlights activates the Illumination wire going into the DIG Options system button lights will display. Different colours can be selected in the Settings.



Does the unit have a separate Subwoofer output?

The Platinum System from DIG Options does have a subwoofer output as well as 4 pre outs for driving an amplifier.



Does your units include Digital TV?

We do not supply systems with built in Digital TV. We have found built-in Digital TV to be a gimmick and not fit for sale. They are generally only Standard Definition, with weak antennas and no Dolby Sound. We have separate systems that will plug in which are Premium Products and available separately. At time of writing this document they have Quad Tuner so 4-Powered/Amplified antennas and with Full HD and Dolby Sound (so there won’t be some channels like ABC that you won’t get sound on).



Does your units include Digital Radio (DAB+)?

In Australia DAB+ for cars hasn’t taken off. It requires constant rescanning and the signal is weak, if you have signal at all. At time of writing this document there was no suitable product available to give an acceptable result for mobile DAB+/DAB.


Is Music by Bluetooth or Cable better?

Listening to music with Bluetooth is convenient but there is a drop in sound quality/volume. Using a cable will give the best result for sound.



How many Bluetooth devices can I link to the system?

You paid up to 6 devices. These will automatically pair when you are in range.



What is the name of the Navigation Software? What is the cost of updates after the free period?

We have tested all the navigation programs available and found Kudos to be the fastest, most accurate and easiest to use so we add it in our systems. After the free period (if mentioned in the advertising), updates are $50 each and there is no time limit to use.



Do I need an additional wire harness or does the original wiring harness plug straight into the unit?

If your model is listed, we supply a plug in harness. If there are issues after you receive, we will find the appropriate harness, offer instructions to wire or refund if we can’t help with a plug in harness (within the return time period)



Will DIG Options include a GPS antenna?

All our systems have a GPS Antenna Included. We also offer instructions on the best place to position the antenna. For best results it just needs to be above the dash (inside the car).


What is the maximum size SD Card or USB and what file formats are excepted?

DIG Options systems at time of writing this FAQ Sheet will accept up to a SDHC 32GB SD Card and up to a 32GB USB. Acceptable formats are VCD, DIVX, MPEG4, AVI, WMV, WMA, MP3, WMA, JPEG and more.



How can I send a photo or file to Digoptions?

If you need to send us a photo/video relating to your vehicle or a question without product please email us at or 


Will the system work in my Country?

We can update software/parts to work in any country. Navigation is not available for all countries. Please contact us to confirm your country. We setup our systems for optimum performance. For example in Australia DIG Options upgrade the monitor panel to improve screen output in direct sunlight conditions and upgrade the radio receiver to work in all parts of Australia at optimum performance for an aftermarket stereo.



Can I plug in an external monitor for the kids?

Yes, you can play a monitor from the system while navigating and listening to another audio source at one time with the Platinum System.



Is your Bluetooth Version 2.0 or 3.0?

We use Version 2.0. If we used Version 3.0 the system would not connect to most Bluetooth devices.



Can additional games and applications like Microsoft Word and PDF Reader be added?

Yes. This is no problem. We can provide instructions for this if required.    



Do you have support and spare parts for this product here in Australia?

We carry most spare parts and maintain close relationships with existing and previous suppliers to make most parts available in the near future.



Are your cameras wires or wireless?

We always recommend wired cameras for the best result. Our car cameras include 5m of cable.



What points of interest options are there?
The existing options include: airport, amusement park, ATM, auto service, automobile club, automobile dealer, bank, bar, bookstore, border crossing, bowling centre, bus station, business facility, casino, cemetery, church, cinema, city hall, civic centre, coffee shop, commuter station, convention centre, county council, court house, data centre, embassy, entrance/exit, ferry terminal, golf course, grocery store, guest house, hairdresser, high-rise building, higher education, holiday resort, hospital, hotel, ice skating rink, insurance, karaoke, library, marina, media centre, medical service, monument, mosque, motorcycle dealer, motorway restaurant, museum, named place, nightlife, park & ride, parking garage, parking lot, performing arts, petrol station, pharmacy, police station, post office, public sport airport, recreation area, rental car agency, research institute, residential area, rest area, restaurant, school, second hand cars, shopping, ski resort, sports centre, sports complex, subway station, synagogue, technology centre, telecom, temple, toll station, tourist attraction, tourist information, train station, and winery. You can also create your own.



Does DIG Options supply free off road maps?

Yes we do via download. Please contact us after purchase at We also offer 300% more for a small fee and we send out a card that you just insert into our system and you’re ready to go!