Reversing/Rear view Cameras


Our reverse cameras use two technologies CCD and CMOS, both provide a good view of the objects but CCD camera gives you a better resolution due to the technology employed.

A CCD camera or Charge Coupled Device is a sensor who convert light into electronic signals. A very high quality images is the result of the low noise level, high fill factor, and good signal-to-noise ratio exhibited by CCD sensors. These characteristics make cameras based on CCD sensors a good fit for cameras vision applications.

This means: 

Our CCD camera produce a better image quality and sharper picture.  

What are Benefits of CCD and CMOS cameras

The quality for both cameras are very good but you can find some difference between them:

  • CCD camera is more sensitive to light 
  • From CCD camera you can have a clearer image during day and night, this means more detail in the image
  • CMOS camera is cheaper than CCD becoming more affordable for the customers
  • The power consumed by CMOS is less than CCD camera.