I've been checking this site for a while, it's cost me so much money!!


Anyway I registered so I could respond to your question. I bought an X-Trail a few months back and I found a thread on the Aus X-Trail forums about the all-in-one 'kitchen sink' style units that people had been installing in their double-din slots of their beloved x-trail. Anyway I did a bit more research about the recommended sources/brands and found a few other threads on the Prado forums that gave high praise for an ebay seller who is actually located in Melbourne and has excellent after sales service. Here's their store:




The Dig Options unit ended up ordering was about $510 shipped which arrived the day after I placed the order! 3.5 hours later I had the standard X-Trail unit out of the car and the new one installed. This included running all of the wiring for the supplied reverse-camera, placing the hands-free mic and the gps sensor.


I've been extremely impressed with the quality of the unit and the amount of features for the price. It even has a ton of manufacture specific launch screens so it flashes up a Nissan logo when I start the car, it looks more factory than the original unit. It ticks all of the feature requirements that you listed and more, including micro sd, flash drive, ipod control (not perfect), GPS (with updateable maps) and streaming from your phone, I was actually streaming spotify through it today.


Long story short, I've had a great experience with the above seller and their product. They will even supply the mounting brackets and plug'n'play wiring loom for your make/model if you supply that info with your order.


good luck!



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