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The Masten Blind Spot Detection System uses the latest MICROWAVE technology to continuously monitor the drivers blind spots and provide a warning of potential danger. By far superior to Ultrasonic Sensor Systems, you can trust the BS-02

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How to Fit Masten BS-01

Premium Microwave Radar-Based Masten Universal Blind Spot Assist (BSA) System with

50 millisecond detection time and 0.3m to 18m detection range. 

Warranty: 2 Year Replacement

After briefly checking the inside and outside mirrors and perhaps a fleeting glance over your shoulder, you are suddenly given a severe fright by the loud hooting as you pull out to overtake. It is easy for a driver to fail to spot a vehicle approaching from behind in the overtaking lane or a vehicle situated in the blind spot next to your car, particularly in heavy traffic on multi-lane freeways. This is where the Microwave Radar-based Masten Blind Spot Detection system with Built-in GPS can take much of the strain off the driver and avoid hazardous situations by monitoring the area that is hard to see.

The Microwave radar-based Masten Blind Spot Detection System uses the latest Microwave Radar technology to continuously monitor the drivers blind spots for nearby vehicles and provide a warning of potential dangers. 
Please note these sensors are only for Plastic bumpers or guards. 


Blind spot detection technology:
When driving forward, sensors monitor blind spots and interior warning lights show the relevant side of the potential danger, keeping you, your passengers and road users safe.
Microwave Radar Technology - detects objects within 50 milliseconds!:
Microwave radar sensors detect obstacles in blind spots from 0.3 meters and up to 18 meters away (for large vehicles) within 50 milliseconds of the obstacle triggering the sensor. When a vehicle enters your blind spot, corresponding warning lights alert you of impending danger and if proceeding to indicate, an audible sound will also alert you.
Built-in GPS:
With the built-in GPS, the Masten Microwave Radar Blind Spot System will only activate when the speed of the vehicle is above approximately 20mp/h (32 km/h). This means that while stuck in slow moving traffic or navigating around a car park, you won't be annoyed by false alarms.  

Keep your eyes forward:
Without blind spot sensors, the only safe way to check a blind spot is to physically check over your shoulder, causing you to take your eyes off the road while driving. Blind spot detection means you can keep your eyes forward longer and safely on the road.

Key Features

  • Two rear bumper sensor modules (hidden inside the bumper)
  • Two LED indicators (for installation inside of vehicle)
  • GPS Antenna for speed detection
  • Alarm unit (for audible warning of a vehicle in your blind spot)
  • A complete wiring harness for plug and play installation (some wiring connections are required)
  • Maximum detection range: 3 metres (when on "Normal" mode, less when on "Low" mode)


The BS-02 offers many advantages over cameras, infrared and ultrasonic based blind spot detection systems. The latest 24 GHz millimetre microwave radar offers excellent performance in all weather conditions including direct sunlight, complete darkness, snow, fog, dirt, dust, rain and hail. 

Vehicle Suitability:
Radar-based blind spot detection systems are normally available only to high end luxury vehicles, or as factory-fit options when the vehicle is built. The Masten Blind Spot Detection System has been designed specifically for Genuine Accessory fitment. Vehicle specific integration kits are provided by Masten which include plug-and-play wiring harnesses, vehicle specific quick-fit brackets, detailed fitting instructions and templates, and no calibration required by the installer.

Each Masten BS-02 kit includes universal radar sensor that hide in your bumper, wiring harness, speaker and visual warning indicators. No calibration is required by the installer.

System self-checking:
The system includes self-diagnostic functions to provide feedback to the driver of correct system operation.

Vehicle Aesthetics:
The radar sensors are all located discretely behind the vehicle rear bumper. There are no components visible to the driver except the visual warning indicator on the A-pillar trim.

Cross Traffic Alert:
Cross Traffic Alert intuitively scans for adjacent approaching traffic when reversing from a car space, if a potential accident is detected the driver is alerted.


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  • Masten Premium Quality Blind Spot Detection System with 2 Year Warranty
  • The system determines whether a vehicle is in an actual blind spot rather than alerting you when a vehicle is to the side of you
  • Identify non moving objects like stationary vehicles, curbs or poles
  • Microwave radar technology to detect threats in less than 50 milliseconds
  • Installs in virtually all modern vehicles using a 12V electrical system
  • Wire system hookup for easy installation
  • Two rear in-bumper digital sensors 
  • Two in-car LED flash indicators for visual alerts , 
  • Alarm LED dispaly with speaker for audible warnings when turn signal is activated
  • Wide alert range covers most blind spots
  • Pre-set range of 0.3-18m (for trucks and less for pedestrians) which is the best distance for the sensor sensitivity and accuracy
  • Wire harness included for a quick installation



Operating Frequency: 24.0 -24.25GHZ

Transmit Power: 15dbm

Detection Range: 40 degrees (Horizontal )

Detection Ability: 5 objects can be detected at the same time

Speed range: 0.35mp/h - 137mp/h (0.5 km/h - 220 km/h) - approximately

Speed Accuracy: < 0.35mp/h (0.5 km/h) - approximately

Speed Restriction:

1. The GPS Antenna when connected activates notifications over 20 mp/h (32 km/h) through both the LED Displays and Speaker

2. If No GPS signal is detected or satellites not found, the system will give notifications at any speed.

Direction of movement approached or overtaken by vehicles:

Detection range Truck: 1ft - 60ft (0.30m - 18m) - approximately

Car: 1ft - 50ft (0.30m - 15m) -  - approximately

Motorcycle: 1ft - 33ft (0.30m - 10m) - approximately

Pedestrian: 1ft - 23ft (0.30m - 7m) - approximately

Operating voltage 9 - 35V

Waterproof Rating: IP67

Working Current: < 200mA

Working Temperature: -40ºC ~ + 85ºC

Barcode # 729436059122
Brand Masten
Shipping Weight 1.4000kg
Shipping Width 0.265m
Shipping Height 0.180m
Shipping Length 0.100m
Shipping Cubic 0.004770m3
Assembled Width 0.300m

Masten blind spot sensor systems are by far the most advanced systems in the world and are covered by a 2 year replacement warranty.

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