Waterproof Rating: IP69K - Sensors can be kept under 1m of water for a short period of time. Ensure caps are tight before taking sensors under water - if damage occurs due to sensors not being tightened warranty is void.

With new IP ratings, Masten's rearview cameras and tyre sensors are even more advantageous in environments requiring a high degree of protection from dust, submersion, and high-pressure, high-temperature spray-down. This level of protection is essential in many food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and petrochemical markets but also applies to off-road activities namely river crossing. 


IMPORTANT - This Listing includes everything you need to monitor (with Solar Power) the condition of your tyre pressure and temperature. It includes the following parts:

  1. Solar Powered Dash Mount TPMS Monitor x 1
  2. Premium External Cap Sensors x 4
  3. Installation wiring x 1 set

Mini TPMS monitor. With Premium DIY Cap Sensors and Replacement Battery

Spare Sensors:

If you're after spare sensors the part numbers are TP-09S (internal valve) and TP-10S (external cap)



The Masten TP-15 (external sensors)/TP-17 (internal sensors) TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitor System is specifically designed for those wanting to monitor their tyre pressure in a non-obscure way with the convenience of Solar Power.

The TPMS module simply works silently and alerts you if there is a problem with your tyres. The Tyre data can be viewed at all times. 

Feature List:

  • The monitorable Pressure range for this system (1-99psi)
  • Pressure Range of sensor: 0~116PSI (0~8 BAR)
  • Simple DIY installation!
  • Solar Powered Monitor for Simple and Cable-free Installation
  • Masten improved the wireless signal
  • Attractive design with visual and audible alarm
  • 7 Metre Wireless Range
  • PSI and BAR Adjustable Units
  • Adjustable Front and rear sensors high/low-pressure alarm range
  • Real-time Tire Pressure and Temperature Display of all 7 Tyres Simultaneously
  • TPMS information screen will automatically appear if a tyre problem is detected
  • The multi-colour interface allows you to easily identify problem tyres in red for fast evaluation
  • Premium quality sensors
  • 3 Year Battery Life for External Cap Sensors (Battery can be changed) and over 6 Years Battery Life on Internal Valve Sensors
  • User-friendly programming functions

Sleep Function:

If the sensors have not been moved for 1 hour or more they will be in sleep mode. After around 5 seconds of movement, the sensors will 'wake' up and start sending the tyre information data (pressure/temperature) every 6 seconds to the monitor.


User Manual

Please contact us for the usual manual if you require but it will be included with all items when sent out. 




Will this system work with my In-Dash Car DVD? 

Yes. If your current system has an RCA camera input, and a trigger line input (used for sending power from the reverse lamp to the stereo), it will work. 


What are Tyre Pressure Monitor Systems?

passenger vehicles in the 1980s and today is a mandatory feature in the United States. 


Benefits of a Masten TPMS?

The dynamic behavior of a pneumatic tire is closely connected to its inflation pressure. Key factors like braking distance and lateral stability require the inflation pressures to be adjusted and kept as specified by the vehicle manufacturer. Extreme under-inflation can even lead to thermal and mechanical overload caused by overheating and subsequently, sudden destruction of the tire itself. Additionally, fuel efficiency and tire wear are severely affected by underinflation. Tires do not only leak air if punctured, they also leak air naturally, and over a year, even a typical new, properly mounted tire can lose from 20 to 60 kPa (3 to 9 psi), roughly 10% or even more of its initial pressure.

The significant advantages of TPMS are summarized as follows:

Fuel savings: According to the GITI, for every 10% of under-inflation on each tire on a vehicle, a 1% reduction in fuel economy will occur. In the United States alone, the Department of Transportation estimates that under-inflated tires waste 2 billion US gallons (7,600,000 m3) of fuel each year.

Extended tire life: Under-inflated tires are the #1 cause of tire failure and contribute to tire disintegration, heat buildup, ply separation and sidewall/casing breakdowns. Further, a difference of 10 lbs. in pressure on a set of duals literally drags the lower-pressured tire 13 feet per mile. Moreover, running a tire even briefly on inadequate pressure breaks down the casing and prevents the ability to retread. It is important to note that not all sudden tire failures are caused by underinflation. Structural damages caused, for example, by hitting sharp curbs or potholes, can also lead to sudden tire failures, even a certain time after the damaging incident. These cannot be proactively detected by any TPMS.

Decreased downtime and maintenance: Under-inflated tires lead to costly hours of downtime and maintenance.

Improved safety: Under-inflated tires lead to tread separation and tire failure, resulting in 40,000 accidents, 33,000 injuries and over 650 deaths per year. Further, tires properly inflated add greater stability, handling and braking efficiencies and provide greater safety for the driver, the vehicle, the loads and others on the road.

Environmental efficiency: Under-inflated tires, as estimated by the Department of Transportation, release over 57.5 billion pounds of unnecessary carbon-monoxide pollutants into the atmosphere each year in the United States alone.


Extract from

Monitor Specifications

Battery Life without Sun Power - 45 Days or less

Operational Temperature: -20 to 80°C

Storage Temperature: -30 to 85°C

Transmission Frequency: 433.92MHz

Output Voltage/Current: DC 5V/1A

Pressure setting range: 1.0 to 9.9 BAR, 16 to 99 PSI

Temperature setting range: -25 °C to 93 °C

Size: 84(L) x 66(W) x23 (H)mm

Weight: 82g

External Cap Specifications 

Operational Temperature: -40 to 80°C

Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C

Pressure Range: 0 to 8BAR, 0~116PSI

Pressure Accuracy: ±0.1BAR, ±1.5PSI

Temperature Accuracy: ±3°C

Transmission Power:<10dBm

Transmission Frequency: 433.92MHz

Battery life: Up to 3 years(CR1632, -40 to 80°C)

Size: 21mm(diameter) x 17.5mm(height)

Weight: 9g

Internal Valve Sensor Specifications 

Operational Temperature: -40 to 80°C

Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C

Pressure Range: 0 to 8BAR, 0~116PSI

Pressure Accuracy: ±0.1BAR, ±1.5PSI

Temperature Accuracy: 3°C

Transmission Power:<10dBm

Transmission Frequency: 433.92MHz

Battery life: Uo to 5 years

Size: Size: 60(L) x 35(W) x21(H)mm

Weight: 48g

Barcode # 2000000004174
Brand Masten
Shipping Weight 0.5000kg
Shipping Width 0.175m
Shipping Height 0.130m
Shipping Length 0.060m
Assembled Width 0.175m
Type Monitor x 1

2 Year Warranty

1 Year Warranty on Sensors

Solar Power TPMS Tyre Pressure Monitoring System LCD 4 External Sensors 4x4 PSI Diagnostic Tools | TP-15 has a rating of 5/5 based on 1 reviews.


By: on 1 June 2020
This is a great little tpms, ideal if you want a low-profile dash mount display. I was impressed with the packaging and 'feel' of the unit out of the box...this is not a 'el cheapo' product, 10/10 for me.

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