Waste Management Surveillance Solutions & Collection Services Surveillance Systems

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Waste Management Surveillance Solutions & Collection Services Surveillance Systems


Residential Curbside Waste Collection & Recycling Service Camera System 

Live View Commercial / Industrial Roll-Off Container & Dumpster Collection Camera System 

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Waste management trash dumpster collection vehicles operate in an unusual environment as they come in close contact with the customers they service at the place of residents as in the case of Residential Curbside Trash Collection services, as well as to the place of business in cases of Industrial  Roll-off Container Trash Collection and Trash or Recycling Dumpster collection vehicles. Because of this close proximity and the nature of their activities from a large footprint vehicle the Waste Management Collection or Dumpster Trash Collection service companies are are easy target from their customers who may suspect the drivers of some impropriety.

Roll Off Container Collection services and Recycling Container collections service companies often suffer frequent customer complaints from customers that their companies did not service or empty/replace the roll off container or recycling dumpsters. Waste Collection vehicle surveillance cameras aka cameras for my trash collection trucks can help document actual pickup of dumpsters to empty them or in the case of Roll Off Container their swap out and replacement with empty containers that often go unnoticed by said customers. Just because they did not hear or see the event does not mean it did not happen, and in their mind they may believe because they were not aware of it, that it did not happen.

Commercial Trash Collection truck services as well as Industrial Roll-off Container collection services suffer the additional annoyance that non-customers often dump refuse into the commercial rental container without the knowledge of the commercial Roll-off Waste Collection Container or Dumpster customer. Some non authorized individuals and other companies often know the schedule of the Waste Collection or Recycling collection service so well they time their trip just after the Roll-off container has been replaced with an empty one and then proceed to fill it with non authorized materials requiring in some case the customer call and pay for a second pickup angering them against the collection company for something that is out of the control of the collections serviced.

There are two main categories of Waste Collection and Recycling service applications relating to in-vehicle on-board mobile video surveillance solutions; Residential & Commercial/Industrial

Residential Applications

  • Residential Waste Management Onboard Trash Collection Services
  • Residential Curbside Trash Collection Services Video Surveillance Camera system
  • Curbside Garbage Collection Services Video Surveillance Camera system
  • Recycling Collection Services Video Surveillance Camera system
  • Residential Trash Removal Services Video Surveillance Camera system
  • Residential Waste Management Services Video Surveillance Camera system

Commercial Applications

  • Commercial / Industrial Roll-Off Container & Dumpster Collection Services
  • Commercial Dumpster Rentals Service Vehicles Onboard Observation Camera System
  • Commercial Dumpster Roll Off & Collection Vehicle Onboard Observation Camera System
  • Industrial Hazardous Waste Collection Services Vehicle Security Camera System 
  • Industrial Trash Collection In-Vehicle On-board Security Camera System 
  • Recycling Containers Service Vehicle Security Camera System 
  • Industrial Roll-off Containers Collection Vehicle Security Camera System


Residential Waste & Recycling Collections Camera System

Mobile Video Surveillance Solution for Residential Waste Management


It is Human nature to be territorial and when providing a residential waste collection or recycling collection service on or in the close proximity of someones home they tend to be more territorial, aggressive and motivated when they perceive a wrong may have been done should their property be violated.

For example if a customer hears their scheduled residential trash collection or recycling collection vehicle performing their collection services in the early morning then later in the day walks out to the road and finds their vehicle has been struck by another vehicle or their mailbox has been damaged many might assume the waste management recycling collection vehicle driver was responsible. It is difficult enough to navigate the obstacle course of residential neighborhoods in an oversized vehicle without the added burden of baseless accusations of private property damage.

How do you prove you did not do something or defend a driver and your company from false accusations of an eye witness to an event that never happened? In front of a jury it might seem like a large business against a single individual, liability cases often hinge on the perception of uneducated weak willed persons who can be manipulated by a skillful attorney looking for a fat settlement at the business expense.

Waste management and recycling collection vehicle surveillance video camera systems are an effective tool to limit risk, dispute baseless accusations and prove a driver as well as his company innocent of blame and liability in claims that are unsubstantiated and often easily proved false with the use of a mobile video solution for a Residential Waste Management Trash Collection Service vehicle.

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