Reverse Camera Questions

What is the warranty on your cameras?

The Masten Range has 2 year replacement. The standard range has 12 months repair or replacement.


Can I add a second camera to the Platinum System?

For the second camera the cheapest and easiest way is to add a DIG Options bundle special which includes the camera, cable/s and adapter to connect a second camera to the Platinum System. We also have spiral hitch cables to make connecting/disconnecting more convenient.


Do your Premium Masten Cameras have a built in microphone?

Some of them do. Please check the specifications.


I would like to add a second camera to the DIG Options system. What would you recommend?  For caravans

With your current stereo and camera setup, you can add one of the following camera kits. Make sure you select 2 cables. Kit-Cam5


If you currently only have a 9 or 7 pin trailer plug, I would recommend you either upgrade that plug to a 12 pin trailer connector, or otherwise add on the spiral cable option. Details on the spiral camera can be found at: EC-S01


The problem with the above setup is that you can only view the second caravan camera while you are not in reverse. If you are in reverse the rear camera on your car will always take priority meaning you will only be able to view the front of your caravan. If you only want the caravan camera while you are driving to see if there are cars behind you then this will be ok. If this is ok, the second camera can simply plug into the AUX video input, then to view select AUX on screen (only when not in reverse). VSC-AM-03R2.


Otherwise I would also recommend the following switch which will allow you to view the second (or even a third camera for example one of our side blind spot cameras) while driving, parked and even in reverse. This camera switch essentially plugs 3 cameras into the one camera input on the stereo.

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