Reverse Cameras for In-Dash Navigation Stereo Radios

Are your cameras wires or wireless?

For in-dash navigation systems we recommend wired cameras for the best result. Our car cameras include 5m of cable and additional can be purchased. The problem with traditional, non-digital wireless systems is clarity and interference (with other radio frequencies).


Can I add more than 1 reverse camera to a DIG Options System?

If you are not using the Video input on the system for another purchase (ie. Digital TV) you can plug a second camera into that then view by selecting Video/AUX 1. This second camera would need to be constantly powered from 12V ignition. Another alternative for 2 – 3 extra cameras is to add our Premium Masten 3 camera switch box. This system allows for 3 cameras to run into the camera input, all with a trigger and remote control for manual selection.


Do DIG Options cameras display parking grid lines?

Most of our cameras do have grid lines but please check the description.


What is the best camera for a Ute, Canopy or Trailer?

Our best quality special Ute/canopy camera is in a metal case with night vision and 2 year replacement warranty. It does not have parking lines.


Can I fit a forward mounted camera (for parking) and how does the unit activate when I am parking?

Yes, you can with our 3 camera switch box for automatic display or into the video input on the unit for manual display.


Will this system work with my factory fitted camera?

Most Factory Fitted cameras are 6V and this power comes from your original stereo. Sometimes it is easier to also replace over the camera but you should check with a qualified installer. We cannot provide advice on how this can be achieved.

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